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Terms of Service

You fully understand that you are purchasing virtual currency to spend on the game server or website. What you spend with the virtual currency in the game server or website of is up to you and all transactions you complete with the virtual currency are final. By no means are the items you purchase permanent, and at any time has the right to remove your permissions or virtual items. Under absolutely no circumstances are payments to the community refundable. Any attempted chargebacks or claims filed over PayPal will be nullified. If you are somehow able to bypass these terms or you are to make an attempt at filing a chargeback, dispute, or claim on a transaction, you will be immediately banned from the community and all possessions that you own on the game server or website will be removed. By clicking the 'Check Out' button, you agree that you understand these terms and are of legal age (18) to make online transactions, and if not, the owner of the PayPal account or credit card holder has permitted you to so.