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  1. Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia
    black people never happened
  2. Ken Harrison
    Ken Harrison Dak
  3. Kwoon
    Kwoon JibzZ
    you're not the alpha male.. i am
  4. Kwoon
    Kwoon Tyrone Lattarius
    we should bring our dogs and ourselves to the dog park sometime
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  5. Poe9320
  6. Poe9320
    i have been falsely banned by Joey Harley for "RDM" (sarcasm)
  7. Chris Smith
  8. JerpyJoe
    JerpyJoe Hulk Smash
    rip the private class huh?
  9. Tyrone Lattarius
    Tyrone Lattarius Kwoon
    i like your dog!
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  10. Kwoon
  11. Shark
    Shark Reborn
    send help.. Nota is abusive
  12. Butcher
    May i have my name on the forums changed to Butch?
  13. James Wright
    James Wright Christina Kiddo
  14. Kwoon
    Kwoon Dak
    you like my profile pic ? ;3
  15. Ken Harrison
    Ken Harrison
    Glorified asshole
  16. Nate
    New to forums and server, ingame name is Kendrick Wilburn.
  17. Veltharion
  18. Prann
  19. SystemsOverload
  20. SystemsOverload
    SystemsOverload Paper
    paper can you come onto ts for a mo? i think julian got mad i banned his little friend named levande...