...And The Winners Are!

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  1. Tim

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    The cake eating contest has come to an end, and here's the final numbers:

    First Place: Bigg Smoke, with 852 cake slices eaten.
    Second Place: Solid Mcslapper, with 539 cake slices eaten.
    Third Place: Sterling Archer, with 437 cake slices eaten.

    Bigg Smoke will receive a free permanent custom player model of their choice. Solid Mcslapper will receive 25 credits in-game, and Sterling Archer will receive 10 credits in-game. Please contact me on Steam to collect your prize.

    Thanks for playing!

    Here's the top 26:

    Sorry, they're Steam names.
  2. Levande

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    fuck this rigged game
  3. Hulk Smash

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    the real winner is the chinese guys bitcoin wallet
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  5. Ken Harrison

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    18th booois
  6. HammyHobo

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    true. i ate like 50000000