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  1. Btchonwlz

    Btchonwlz Fresh Spawn

    Roleplay Name:Btchonwlz

    Do you have experience as a DarkRP staff member? If so, list rank positions only:
    I have no experience as a admin but would like to be one.
    Why do you feel you deserve to be promoted?:Because I have played on this server for a while now and i've grown to like it alot and thats what made me keep on coming back to this server cause it was a fresh new server for me cause I was new to Dark rp. I have never been an admin on a server before but with this i can get used to the job that is being an admin.
    Which staff members do you most commonly see on the server?:
    Johnny Boo, None ya, Austin nitsua, and nooch
  2. Better Dylan

    Better Dylan God Tier

    I like you as a person, but I think you aren't ready for staff if I'm honest.


    You should also add more detail to your application, if you have to apply again, contact me. I'll help you with your application
  3. Btchonwlz

    Btchonwlz Fresh Spawn

    ok, thank you for the feed back!
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  4. Johnny Boo

    Johnny Boo Black

    Playing on the server for a while isn’t really a reason to be promoted. If we promoted everyone who “played for a while” or is an “old player” then the entire sever would’ve been promoted. Fix up your application and I’ll consider it.
  5. voltiac

    voltiac Louis Vuitton VIP

    I mean, I see you on often and that’s good, but I just don’t think you’d be admin material.
  6. Btchonwlz

    Btchonwlz Fresh Spawn

    yeah i need to rethink the application
  7. Johnny Boo

    Johnny Boo Black

    I feel like you can create a better application in the future. Your application is pretty bare and it doesn’t really give us a reason to promote you.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.