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  1. Tim

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    Our staff meeting along with public discussions went well, after an hour and half of input, we've set a basic revamp list of what the current community feels is necessary to continue on.

    Economy Wipe
    Everyone agrees its best to reboot the economy. All money and inventory items will be wiped.

    Addon Removals
    To improve server performance and bring TDRP to some sort of gameplay that makes sense, several addons and systems will be removed. Those systems are:
    -Hunger system
    -Cooking and Farming
    -Hitman system (replaced with default DarkRP system)
    -Bounty system
    -CSO1 weapons and other novelty rares.
    -Night Club Owner


    -Adjust item prices or printer print rates to be balanced with each other.
    -Add RPG rockets to the rockets crate.
    -Introduce default DarkRP pocket swep to pickup printers and other entities temporarily.
    -Re-introduce crafting on a more simpler scale. (This will happen later than everything else)

    Once again I want to reduce the number of rules we have to promote a more open DarkRP environment with less admin intervention. Rules like NLR and FailRP based rules will be removed. Jobs will no longer be restricted to their specific roles, and will now be allowed to do as they wish without getting yelled at. A Citizen, Prostitute or Gun Dealer can grab a gun and help raid a base or capture a gang territory.

    Mass Unban
    All banned players will receive an unban when the server resets.

    When is This Happening?
    The following changes won't take much effort, so expect these changes to be completed within the next day or two. We'll make a post then. This is just a simple warning to not purchase someones cheap rares in the meantime.

    What does this mean now? Hop on the server and do whatever you want to celebrate your current wealth, we won't be mad.
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  2. Azure Ghosting

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    its also funny that daddys server has done a wipe to save the community and now tdrp has done the same, what a big coincidence :rolleyes:
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  5. Better Dylan

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    Not based off of Daddy's decision.
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    Hopefully this will work out, good luck to all of you.
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  9. chadmoney

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    Did you know it is possible for change to have an adverse effect?
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  10. Don Baggins

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    I mean the server was completely dead, so not sure what change could ruin.
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