Donor Admin Guidelines & Strike Precautions

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    You get three strikes. On your third strike, your admin is revoked. Depending on the severity of your abuse, management can add multiple strikes at once.

    By following the guidelines below, you can not only keep yourself safe from being striked, but also added can help you build reputation as a good donor admin. Those are the admins who are next in line for server admin positions.

    Guidelines to Follow:
    • When banning a player, please include the ban reason, and be sure that the ban time is under 1 day (1440 minutes) If you feel the ban should be longer, report the player on the forums to increase the time.
    • You may NOT Role-Play as an Admin on Duty.
    • We STRONGLY encourage you to use Console to prompt a punishment towards a player. The ULX Menu tends to glitch. If you use it and it does glitch, you will be held responsible of your actions.
    • Only use your ULX admin commands while "Admin on Duty". If you are found using any of them while not "Admin on Duty" you will be punished for doing so. (The exceptions to this rule are stated below)
    • While administrating the server, be fair, hear both sides of the story before taking action. If required, appoint the problem to a server admin if you feel you can't decide on your required action.
    • The only commands you can use while not "Admin on Duty" is noclip, slay, ban, banid, mute, unmute, gag, ungag, and kick. When using noclip, you should only be using it to help build (with a visible building sign). If you are found using noclip and not building with it, you will be punished.
    • Respect everyone. We know, some can be quite a handful, but treat everyone fairly. We do not tolerate disrespect from our players, and especially not from our admins. The actions you make is also how you make ThatDarkRPServer look. If you make us look bad, we'll have to solve the problem and punish/remove you for it.
    • Do not randomly phys-gun players, only phys-gun a player if they are stuck in a door, wall, ceiling. If you wish to speak to the person go AOD and teleport, DO NOT phys-gun and hold them.
    • If you are going to be AoD, please do not have a base or any entities owned while doing so.
    If you want to know the simple straight forward actions that will get you punished, here they are:

    How to Receive a Strike:
    • Using ULX admin commands while on a Role-Playing-class. If you noclip for any other reason you will receive punishment, no exceptions.
    • Punishing for no legitimate reason.
    • Banning other admins.
    • Role-Playing as an Admin on Duty.
    • Banning a player for more than 1 day.
    • Using your admin privileges to influence role-play action.
    • Disrespecting fellow admins or players.
    • Not following the general rules of the server, issued for everyone.
    • Doing something stupid that you know you shouldn't be doing.
    • Randomly phys-gunning a player without the need to do so.
    • Hosting an event without a Server Admin or Management member.
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