Happy New Year!

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    From myself and everyone here at ThatDarkRPServer, we wish you a Happy New Year!

    2017 came and went so fast, it's crazy. You know what else is crazy? This is my 7th Happy New Years post on ThatDarkRPServer. We've got to be breaking records at this point, right? 2017 was a real roller coaster of a year for us. We pretty much hit rock bottom, and then soared back up for much of the spring and summer. Player turnouts and development has slowed down again, but we're definitely working on those issues. Building a stronger staff team and providing more healthy updates are definitely on our New Years Resolution board.

    Here's to a prosperous 2018 for ThatDarkRPServer!

    For the next day or two, I have placed the seasonal fireworks addon on the server. There's several effects to choose from and play around with. Most of the fireworks should cleanup on their own after they've finished shooting, but if they don't, just press 'e' on them again or shoot them.


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    Happy New Years
  3. EthanBurns

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    From Nick Pyro coming back, to getting hacked by russians

    Happy New Years
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    my favourite part of this year was when chinese people forced you to give bitcoin to them
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    china #1
  6. Gore Magala

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    Here's to hoping 2018 won't be as sporadic as this year was.