Happy Thanksgiving!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Tim, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. Tim

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    From myself and all of us here at ThatDarkRPServer, we wish you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!
    I gotta say, we're doing extremely well this year versus last year during this time. We're really making a comeback. I want to thank all of our new staff members for rising up and helping us rebuild. Without their time and dedication, we would still be struggling to keep a handful of players on.

    We've got several projects in development, along with the suggestions forums active daily to continue improving our gameplay. Plus, Christmas is right around the corner, and the management team is gearing up for it. We're hoping to make it our most festive year yet!

    TDRP aside, spend the day with your friends and family and enjoy their company. Think about what you're thankful for and eat delicious food until you pass out. If you don't plan on doing that or you aren't American, hunt some Thanksgiving Headcrabs or play Fire Mixtape in blackjack.


  2. Gore Magala

    Gore Magala Insect Glaive Main VIP

    I didn't realize we were at that point yet Tim. *blushes*
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  3. Bax Stockman

    Bax Stockman Regular Server Admin

    Do not play Black Jack with Fire Mixtape.
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  4. Nota

    Nota Retired Server Management VIP

    Nice job to the Management Team along with the other staff! Top 100 once again. Looking good.
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  5. JibzZ

    JibzZ Retired Management VIP

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  6. Pedro

    Pedro Adept VIP

    Your a little late to he punch tim Thanksgiving was like several weeks ago

  7. Levande

    Levande 猫叉Master VIP

    i put my dick in the turkey and now my family hates me

  8. Bax Stockman

    Bax Stockman Regular Server Admin

    I slept all day, and didn't do anything with my family because I'm worthless and a shitty person.
  9. QaFGaming

    QaFGaming BANNED

    I sat on Garry's mod all day and didn't associate with my family
  10. Fire Mixtape

    Fire Mixtape Amateur

  11. itsglory

    itsglory Experienced

    my family couldnt afford a thanksgiving meal, thankfully the nearby church helped out, those 500 credits were worth it tho
  12. Dope

    Dope Simply OG Management

    Excited for the future.
  13. Liltricksterkid

    Liltricksterkid Regular Server Admin

    christmas box when
  14. Pedro

    Pedro Adept VIP

    yall i gotta ask you know your picture forum avatar is a man right?
  15. Varg Vikernes

    Varg Vikernes Regular

    Is it really a guy? If so LOL! rip chris eat
  16. Dope

    Dope Simply OG Management

    She's a girl @d3dly on insta
  17. Varg Vikernes

    Varg Vikernes Regular

    Her face is uggs
  18. Pedro

    Pedro Adept VIP

  19. Dope

    Dope Simply OG Management

  20. Pedro

    Pedro Adept VIP

    Man tits, man ass, man legs, and do you not see that Adam’s apple?