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    Guidelines & Strike Precaution:
    ULX Admin Commands Guide:

    Server Mod Trial Guidelines:
    Server Admin Guidelines:

    Staff Roster:
    Forum Rules:
    Server Rules:
    TDRP v6 Information:
    Ban Length Curriculum:

    • Any administrator figure from Donor Admin to Management should not be unprofessional at any moment in time. You are what the players look up to. People join the server to play Dark RP and have a chill environment peaceful environment. Some people join to escape what they have to deal with on a daily basis. Please just think before you speak because what you find funny, someone can just take it the wrong way. If you won't say it to someone's face do not say it over the internet. It could seriously hurt someone. Punishment will happen. (If you are joking around with friends then sure do what you want. But if you are harassing someone or see it happening then stop it.)
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