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    We're going to try to make this as basic as possible. This is a forum, and like every other forum you go to, we share the same rules in regards to posting. It's all common sense. If you have to question yourself on posting something, its best not to do it.

    Failure to follow the following rules will result in moderation action, depending on the Mod.
    Forum Rules

    1. Use Common Sense
    2. No Spamming
    3. No Trolling
    4. No disrespect of players, moderators, etc
    5. No insulting of players, moderators, etc
    6. Create threads in the correct section
    7. Do not create duplicate threads, use the search function
    8. No nazi or racist comments, which includes offensive words such as "nigga" or "faggot"
    9. Do not flame bait
    10. Do not shit-post (Replying to threads with "first" "you suck" or "lol no" etc)
    11. Do not go off-topic or derail a discussion
    12. Do not post shitty meme replies, make sure your image-reply has on-topic text
    13. Ban evading will result in a longer ban on your main and a perm on your alt
    14. Do not post in the Moderation Center (or support centre) unless you are directly related to the thread. We don't want your input. Also do not Mini-Moderate (act like a moderator)
    15. Do not quote a staff member and change the wording in order to be deceitful
    16. Don't request a thread be closed unless it is yours
    17. Treat everyone with respect
    18. Do not trash talk
    19. Do not post just to agree with the person above you (ex. "This ^^^^^", or "+1 what he said") Only exception to this would be a suggestion thread in which you are showing your support for said suggestion
    20. No nudity unless it relates directly to the thread
    21. No direct illegal or pirated material
    22. No flaming
    23. No begging for TDRP admin
    24. No harassment
    25. No defamation, DOXing, or posting private info
    26. No cross posting (posting the same thread in multiple sections)
    27. Use profainty sparsely, as it is very possible your post could be taken as a flame post. Use at own risk
    28. Do not discuss moderation actions, if you want to complain about your infraction or ban, that will lead to another one
    29. Do not bash new players
    30. Post in the correct thread, for example If you have a TDRP video post it in the TDRP videos thread
    31. Do not double post, use the edit button
    32. English Only
    33. Rules subject to change at any time, your ignorance of the rules is no excuse
    34. Do not bump old threads that are no longer relevant, no reason, etc. For example don't bump a 5 month old thread because "haha thats funny", but you might bump a thread for a rule suggestion that you feel should still be implemented, stating why in your post.
    35. Punishment is discretionary, depending on the mod
    36. Do not bypass the censorship filter
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.