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    Disclaimer: All of the following rules are generalized, any attempt to bend or break the rules will be met with punishment when necessary.

    General Rules
    1) Be respectful to everyone outside of roleplay interaction.
    2) Spamming chat or voice chat will result in being immediately muted or gagged.
    3) Staff members have the final say on all rule interpretations.
    4) Use common sense. If it doesn't seem like a good idea, it's probably not.
    6) Do not be a nuisance with props (Prop minge).
    7) Players harming your life or property may be killed without warning.
    8) You may always defend yourself if you are being attacked.
    9) Raids and hits can be completed by killing without warning.
    10) Spawn is outside of roleplay interaction.
    Therefore you may not steal in spawn. Only exceptions is if whatever situation started, started outside of spawn.
    11)Do not mass RDM. Have some sort of roleplay reason to kill. Don't go on a killing spree.

    Building Rules
    1) While building, you may place a visible text sign that displays "Building" to let other players know you are building. With a building sign up, you should not be doing anything other than building. You should not have entities in your base.
    Hobo's/DJ's/Pianist are the only jobs permitted to build in public, but may not build in the streets.
    Bases that restrict access to public parts of the map will be removed without warning.
    2) A player must be able to enter and exit your building using a keypad cracker or a lockpick, or a combination of both.
    3) A Base may have a total of 4 fading doors (8 keypads) per base.
    4) All keypads must be clearly visible next to the door they open.
    5) Raiders need to be able to shoot back at you if you are able to shoot at them.
    No use of the material tool on any props (fences or any one-way props you are able to shoot through) to cause an unfair advantage or disadvantage for either the Raiders or the defenders.
    Foot shot bases and Headshot bases are not allowed.
    6) KOS signs are allowed. KOS signs must be clearly marked where they are with text screens.
    KOS signs are not allowed on public property or near or around public entities such as dumpsters or NPC's.
    7) No reselling Dupes without the creator's’ consent.
    8) World Glow is not to be used, one sided props are allowed as long as you are not shooting through them.

    Thieving Rules

    1) You may raid, steal, capture gang points, kidnap, or mug as any class except for Government Jobs.
    2) When mugging, you may not exceed $3,000 in a mug and must grant the victim 10 seconds to oblige unless they clearly attempt to escape.
    3) You may defend gang points as any class except for all the Government Jobs.
    4) When entering an ongoing territory capture, any players with weapons drawn or are defenders of that point are subject to being shot without warning by the members capturing the territory.

    Purge Rules
    1)Do not attempt purge (kill) in the spawn area or even the area surrounding immediate spawn.
    3) Users who are building can not be killed during the purge, as they are not in RP. On the other side of that, users who are building can not participate in the purge.

    Government Classes
    1) Government jobs are not allowed to own their own separate base. Their home is the Police Department.
    2) Government jobs can be corrupt and can be demoted for being corrupt.
    2) Follow and enforce the laws specified by the Mayor or Law Board.
    3) Don't betray the Police Force.
    4) Government jobs are only allowed to weapon check in the Police Department or Check points.
    5) Do not randomly arrest someone without reason. You must always have a valid roleplay reason to search, warrant or want a player.
    After a valid warning, government jobs may legally eliminate lawbreakers who resist arrest or flee.
    6) Don't metagame. You cannot warrant based on information you read in OOC or noises you heard through a wall.
    7) During a lockdown, government jobs may arrest any non-government officials that aren't hobos.
    8) Police can have up to 2 checkpoints on the map at once, and can weapon check at them, but only people passing through.
    Checkpoints must be open and able to be freely passed through. (No Keypads to fading doors. You may only use buttons)
    9) Mayors may change laws to be active or inactive based on the list in this sub-category.
    Contraband is: Weed, Weed Plant, Meth, Meth Lab, Printers, Rocket Crate, Uber Ghoster, Unarrest Baton, Stunstick, Lockpick, Silent Lockpick, Pickpocket, Keypad Cracker, Any Explosive, Assault Rifles, SMG's, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles.
    Contraband is not: Ammo Crate, Radio, Medic Kit, Pistols, Bugbait, and Knives.
    10) Mayors may begin a lockdown at any time.
    11) Any government job may only build cosmetic props in the PD that do not interfere with movement (such as pictures or small objects on the walls).
    Upon death, demotion, or switching jobs, the mayor must remove any text screens or props he has placed within the PD.
    12) Don't kill other players for no reason. You're the law.

    Armored Bank Truck Rules
    1) It is the government's job to ensure the truck makes its way safely to its destination. Officials may protect the truck by any means. Successful transits result in CP salary bonuses.
    2) If a government official is attempting to loot the truck, this is considered corruption and a demotable offense.
    3) All non-government classes may attempt to loot the armored truck freely. You may open fire on any opposition that may interfere with your intentions. However, this does not make the surrounding area a KOS zone. You may only fire upon players who actively try to loot the truck, as well.

    Job Specific Rules
    1) No pornographic, gore, or shock videos are to be played in the cinema.
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