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    Disclaimer: All of the following rules are generalized, any attempt to bend or break the rules will be met with punishment when necessary.

    General Rules

    1) Be respectful to everyone outside of roleplay interaction.
    2) Any attempt at avoiding punishment will not be tolerated.
    3) Spamming chat or voice chat will result in being immediately muted or gagged.
    4) Staff members have the final say on all rule interpretations.
    5) Use common sense. If it doesn't seem like a good idea, it's probably not.
    6) Do not circumvent the AFK detection using binds, commands, or macros to farm hours. (You may use +attack in console as Lumberjack or Miner classes)
    7) Do not scam players.

    Roleplay Rules

    Building Rules

    1) While building, you may place a visible text sign that displays "Building" to let other players know you are building. With a building sign up, you should not be doing anything other than building. You should not have entities in your base.
    2) A player must be able to enter and exit your building using a keypad cracker or a lockpick, or a combination of both.
    3) A Base may have a total of 3 fading doors (6 keypads) per base.
    4) Entrances of bases must have both defending and raiding parties able to see each other before anyone can engage. (Two people must be able to freely move)
    5) Keypads must have a minimum hold length of 10 seconds. No delays.
    6) All keypads must be clearly visible next to the door they open, and shouldnt present any obstacles to open. (hiding behind something, hard to see etc.)
    7) Base layouts should be clear and concise. Bases should be realistic. Any abnormally large bases or bases that restrict access to public parts of the map will be removed without warning. (Ex. No tight hallways, no mazes)
    8) No use of the World Glow effect on any prop, blacking out props or using the material tool on any props (fences or any one-way props you are able to shoot through) to cause an unfair advantage or disadvantage for either the Raiders or the defenders.
    9) Foot shot bases and Headshot bases are not allowed. Raiders need to be able to shoot back at you if you are able to shoot at them.
    10) Hobo's/DJ's/Night Club owner/Pianist are the only jobs permitted to build in public, all other bases/props must be inside a owned door. These public buildings must also not block anything or be on the street. Entities or props may not be placed on top of rooftops inaccessible by either stairs or doorways that are natural to the map even as Hoboes.
    11) No KOS signs or Uber Ghoster proof bases. Every prop must be able to be ghosted within a base.
    12) No-collide abuse is forbidden. Players may not use no collided props in order to hide within or to use to fire at other players while defending against incoming raiders.
    13) Spawn is out of roleplay during spawn protection.
    14) No reselling Dupes without creators consent.

    Props & Entities
    1) Prop or entity spamming, climbing, surfing, killing, blocking, bridging, pushing, or trapping is not allowed. Don't minge.
    2) Do not spawn props or entities in bases that you do not have permission to do so.

    Raiding Classes
    1) Raiding classes include the Bloods, Bloods Leader, Crips, Crips Leader, Gangster, Locksmith & the Thief jobs.
    2) Hitman and Veteran Hitman may raid if their target is in a base.
    3) Hobo Leader may raid if they are raiding with other Hobos.
    4) Hobos may only raid if accompanied by the Hobo Leader. They also may group up without the Hobo Leader only to raid the PD in order to free the Hobo Leader.
    5) Bodyguards may raid as long as the person who hired them to protect them has initiated the raid before they begin to join it.
    6) Combat Medics may only raid when in a group. As long as they are raiding with 1 other player assisting them with the raid, they are allowed to raid.

    Raiding Rules
    1) You must wait 20 minutes in between raiding or being able to mug the same person. You must wait 5 minutes in between raids or mugs on other people. Gang territories do not follow these Raiding Rules but raids on the PD do.
    2) Once you've completed your raid, you must leave. You cannot occupy a base/store after a raid.
    3) You may not raid an open base. An open base is a base consisting of props and no entities. Entities you may raid an open base for include beer barrels, drug labs, printers, or anything that you are able to steal or destroy for profit.

    Mugging Rules
    1) You cannot exceed $500 in a mug.
    2) You must grant victims 10 seconds to oblige unless they clearly show they are attempting to escape which if so, you may kill them.
    3) Mugs must be done with the use of the provided SWEP so the victim is well aware of being mugged.
    4) You must be a raiding class in order to mug or steal from other players.

    Gang Territory Rules
    1) You may only cap gang points if you are playing as a Raiding Class.
    2) You may defend gang points as any roleplaying class except for all the Government Jobs.
    3) If you're the defenders of a gang point, approaching the gang point that is being captured even if you are unarmed, you are able to be attacked by the cappers.
    4) Weapons out while entering into the circle of an ongoing cap will subject any parties entering to possible death (even if the person entering is not part of the attackers or defenders).
    5) Standard NLR still applies when you die while defending or capping a point.

    Purge & War Rules
    1) Do not purge (kill) or engage in the Bloods & Crips war in the spawn area or even the area surrounding immediate spawn.
    2) During the war, Bloods & Crips should only be initiated on by each other unless attacked by an outside player, which then self-defense rules go into effect. Actual crossfire RDM will still be punished.
    3) Government classes may not leave the PD during the purge. They must stay in the PD to protect the mayor.
    4) Users who are building can not be killed during the purge, they are not in RP. On the other side of that, users who are building can not participate in the purge.

    Random Death Match (RDM)
    1) Players harming your life or property may be killed without warning.
    2) You may always defend yourself if you are being attacked.
    3) Raids and hits can be completed by killing without warning.
    4) Any other cases of killing require a written 10-second warning with clear instructions given to the victim through chat.
    5) You must advert any weapon (such as C4) that has the ability to cause mass crossfire casualties. (crossfire RDM)

    1) You can not use information beyond your RP characters knowledge to act on. This means you can not use sounds or hearsay in order to arrest, want, or warrant a player.

    New Life Rule
    1) You must wait 5 minutes to return to an area you died in (Lumberjack and Miner are an exception). If you die in/near a base during a raid, you may not be in view of the raid for 5 minutes. You are a new person and forget everything from your previous life.
    2) Government jobs (Police, SWAT) must not return to the police department upon death. The New Life Rule still applies even to Government Classes.

    RP Job Rules

    Government Classes
    1) Government jobs are not allowed to own their own separate base. Their home is the Police Department.
    2) Government jobs must follow the guidelines and rules set by the Mayor.
    3) Government jobs can be corrupt but can be demoted for being corrupt.
    4) Government jobs may not return to the PD if killed during a raid.
    5) Any action that involves not following rules set by the Mayor is considered corruption.
    6) Government jobs are only allowed to weapon check in the Police Department or Check points.
    7) Do not randomly arrest someone without reason. You must always have a valid roleplay reason to search, warrant or want a player.
    8) After a valid warning, government jobs may legally eliminate lawbreakers who resist arrest or flee.
    9) If you are shot at, you must shoot back. Do not attempt to arrest someone who is shooting at you. (Baton Rush)
    10) Melee weapons do not apply to Baton Rush.
    11) Don't metagame. You cannot warrant based on information you read in OOC or noises you heard through a wall.
    12) During a lockdown, government jobs may arrest any non-government officials that aren't hobos.
    13) Other jobs are not able to assist Government jobs and vice versa.
    14) Government classes may not leave the PD during the purge. (must protect the mayor)
    15) You may kill any raiding classes that go past the first blue PD door but must arrest non-raiding classes that happen to pass through.
    16) CP can have up to 2 check points on the map at once, and can weapon check at them, but only people passing through. Checkpoints must be open and able to be freely passed through. (No Keypads / fading doors)
    17) CP may weapon check anybody in the PD lobby.

    Contraband is: Weed, Weed Plant, Meth, Meth Lab, Printers, Rocket Crate, Uber Ghoster, Unarrest Baton, Stunstick, Lockpick, Silent Lockpick, Pickpocket, Keypad Cracker, Any Explosive, Any weapon that's not a handgun.

    Contraband is not: Ammo Crate, Brewing Barrel, Beer, Radio, Medic Kit, Glock 18, Bugbait, Knives, Skorpion.

    1) You may be demoted for being corrupt.
    2) The Mayor may set his own bail price or disallow bail altogether.
    3) If there is no Mayor, The Police Chief may set the bail rules instead.
    4) You may change laws to be active or inactive based on the list at the bottom of the rules.
    5) You may create a lockdown at any time you feel threatened.
    6) The mayor may only build cosmetic props in the PD that do not interfere with movement (such as pictures or small objects on the walls). Upon death, demotion, or switching jobs, the mayor must remove any text screens or props he has placed within the PD.

    Cinema Owner
    1) You may not build bases in or place entities within the cinema due to the possibility of using the strip weapons feature to stop raiders. You may build aesthetically in a way that does not affect the access players would normally have to each part of the cinema.
    2) You may not run into the cinema to avoid an RP situation if the strip weapons feature is enabled by the cinema owner.
    3) No nudity/pornography

    1) Do not join a job with the sole purpose of self-supplying.
    2) If you AFK while all job slots are filled with a limited slot vendor job such as Gun Dealer, a player may /demote you for "AFK as a limited job". Admins may force you to the citizen class or kick you for being AFK for an extended period as a completely filled up limited job at their own discretion.
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