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  1. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    Staff Listing


    The boss. The final say. Works with the managers to keep the community going.
    Timthefunnyman - STEAM_0:0:22860281

    Admin Manager
    Handles promotions and demotions of donors and server admins. Also handles Admin Reports and Strike Appeals.
    Kwoon Chigga - STEAM_0:1:59463264

    Player Manager
    In charge of the Moderation Center for player reports and ban appeals.
    Jibz Moneystein - STEAM_0:1:76736932
    Gore Magala - STEAM_0:0:101307325

    Forum/Support Manager
    Administrates the Forums. Also handles the Support Center and reports issues directly to Tim.
    Louis Vuitton - STEAM_0:1:109027988

    Event Manager
    Handles server events and competitions. Makes sure there's never a dull moment in-game.
    Chris Eat - STEAM_0:1:178797417

    Server Admin Team
    Handles in-game administration only. This group also keeps the server at peace.
    Johnny Boo - STEAM_0:0:70464960
    Mew Kirby - STEAM_0:0:96412598
    Fire Mixtape - STEAM_0:0:63326801
    Varg Vikernes - STEAM_0:1:53027553
    Brandon Griffin - STEAM_0:1:92280182
    Qaf Gaming - STEAM_0:0:31012106
    Bax Stockman - STEAM_0:1:13468102
    Bunny Meme - STEAM_0:0:59089600

    Trial Server Moderators
    Handles in-game administration while learning the ropes to becoming a server admin. This group keeps the server at peace.
    Scroogie Mcball - STEAM_0:0:39461241
    Chris Galoware - STEAM_0:1:40063411
    Dylan Ark - STEAM_0:1:79206376
    Officer Dan - STEAM_0:0:71063832
    Keshawn Antwanbwahn - STEAM_0:1:56635553
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