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  1. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    Staff Listing


    The boss. The final say. Works with the managers to keep the community going.
    Timthefunnyman - STEAM_0:0:22860281

    In charge of moderating the forums as well as handling promotions and demotions of other staff members.
    voltiac - STEAM_0:1:109027988
    Kwoon Chigga - STEAM_0:1:59463264

    Johnny - STEAM_0:0:70464960
    Dope - STEAM_0:1:178797417

    Server Admin Team
    Handles in-game administration only. This group also keeps the server at peace.
    Bax Stockman - STEAM_0:1:13468102
    Keshawn Antwanbwahn - STEAM_0:1:5663555
    Jack Jacksonson - STEAM_0:1:227273992
    Nooch - STEAM_0:1:53027553
    Trick Tricksterkid - STEAM_0:0:59913222​

    Trial Server Moderators
    Handles in-game administration while learning the ropes to becoming a server admin. This group keeps the server at peace.
    Footy - STEAM_0:1:5153709
    Dunny - STEAM_0:0:244597591
    Diego Garcia - STEAM_0:0:68222784

    Dusty Anal - STEAM_1:0:67282503
    Vladimir Kalashnikov - STEAM_0:1:74342273

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