The End

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Tim, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    I've been very hesitant to do it, but I'm officially announcing the closure of our game server. That DarkRP Server was established in early June of 2011 by myself and a few friends. For a community dedicated to a single DarkRP server, it's amazing to me that I'm posting this nearly 7 years later. We've been through so much together to keep this community going. For every high, there was a low. Looking back at it all, I enjoyed every minute of it, and I hope you did too.

    Instead of rambling on about our history, I just wanted to personally thank every member of this community. You all are what kept this project alive and going. Whether you helped us administrate in-game, manage the community, or trolled the server in-game, you contributed to the success of this community.

    I wish all of you the best of luck and success in your lives and future endeavors.


    The forums will remain live for the foreseeable future for everyone to check back in and catch up, it's the least I can do.
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  2. EthanBurns

    EthanBurns Hick with a Big Dick VIP

    wow.. this sad af
  3. Rudy

    Rudy Noob

    Now go join SimplyDarkRP!
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  4. Zorak Mantis

    Zorak Mantis Master

    Damn dog... I'll miss all the memories I had on this server from like 2012/2013 through like 2015, one of the servers I first played on that I stayed on for long and now it's gone, I'll miss everyone I've met on here from those times, and thank you for hosting this server Tim
  5. Why shut it down? Sell it to someone with all the add-ons you had on the server and let them run it the way they feel tdrp should
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  6. Biel

    Biel Retired Management VIP

    Rest in piece TDRP.
  7. Bax Stockman

    Bax Stockman Regular Server Admin

    I'll miss you Tim. You don't remember well as i do the times we had on cedrics build rp, you were spending time making this server mostly after it no longer existed. a year later I noticed your server was poppin so I wanted to pop in and see how it was. I'm happy to say it was better than the initial server that put me on to gmod. TDRP will always be the best gmod server in my opinion. no matter how cancerous and mingy everyone was.

    I'm here with you to say I enjoyed every moment of it, and if I could go back time I would've played a lot more to not let this from happening but you know how it is. Time goes on

    I love all you guys add me on steam and we can play shit games together cuz tdrp was all I played
  8. Sam

    Sam Adept

    Goodnight sweet prince
  9. Jack Jacksonson

    Jack Jacksonson Explorer Server Admin

    goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend
  10. Kwoon

    Kwoon Rice Boy Management

    Goodbye friends...
  11. Creighton Goodwin

    Creighton Goodwin Former B& Ex-SA, Readded to SA, now demoted again VIP

    Sucks to see it happen, for sure. This server filled the social gap I had during middle/high school, so it'll always hold a special place in my mind.
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  12. HunterMcIntyre

    HunterMcIntyre Regular

    I know I've bashed you a lot Tim but the amount of dedication you have to keep this going was incredible. Thank you for hosting some the best laughs I have ever had.
  13. HunterMcIntyre

    HunterMcIntyre Regular

    TDRP Has been such a blessing. There is something about it you can't get in other servers.
    at some point. everyone knew each other. it was like friends hanging out. RIP TDRP
  14. Mr Bonfon

    Mr Bonfon Intermediate

    Damn man. Came back to say Goodnight TDRP <3 will always carry fond memories.
  15. N O O C H

    N O O C H Noob Server Admin

    a part of my childhood
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  16. HunterMcIntyre

    HunterMcIntyre Regular

    Ill miss you buddy
  17. guess ill never get a refund on all my plat printers. what a shame
  18. Vel Crow

    Vel Crow Virtuoso VIP

    why can't i connect to the server
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  19. Uriel Septim

    Uriel Septim Emperor

    Fun server to fuck with. To everyone that either loves me or hates me I'm glad we got to fuck around for a bit. Even if it was me using my admin cock to bully you.