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    Everyone's begged for the return of Private Classes. Back in December, I decided to finally accept them back, but we needed an easy system to manage them and to make sure they aren't as overpowering as they were before.

    Private Class Manager
    Everything about your private class is managed through an NPC. To create a private class now, all you'll need to do is open the Class Manager menu and purchase the base package. Reload that menu and you'll be able to change the class name, color, add friends, and add packages on the fly. Currently, there are packages to add a pistol, SMG, shotgun, assault rifle, lockpick, pickpocket, and keypad cracker.

    Each package can be modified as well. Every CS:S weapon has been added to the system. So, let's say you purchase the pistol package and select to spawn with the Desert Eagle. After playing for a while, you want to try another pistol. You are now able to open the menu back up and swap the Desert Eagle for a Glock. The next time you respawn, your pistol will change over to a Glock. No restarts or map reloads required. There's no need to create threads to make changes or additions. You control it all. All you need is credits.

    This time around, there are limits in place. There's a max of three friends per class and weapons are currently limited to one of each type. Once a friend has been added, they cannot be removed.

    Custom models will still be a manual process. You'll have to create a thread and we'll have to add it in the system manually.

    As time goes by, things will be tweaked and modified to everyone's liking. In the meantime, check it out and give us your feedback. As always, the money spent on credits go towards future development and community expenses.

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