Update 1/19/18

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    Converting CS:S to CS:O2
    Starting today, we're going to start consolidating our addon content. We have so many addons on the server, especially weapons. Some of that content is so old and buggy, it's just not efficient to use it anymore. As a start, I have converted main CS:S weapons to CS:O2 weapons. They're sleek, modern, and optimized. That's just what we need. Moving forward, we'll work together to discuss what content is unused or useless and remove what we don't need.

    With this change, that means that all previous CS:S weapons you have in your inventory will no longer work. Please discard these items from your inventory.

    Drug Dealer Split
    The Drug Dealer class has been split into two separate classes, Weed Dealer and Meth Cook. The class mins have been raised and so have the entity limits. Weed Dealers can grow up to 6 plants while Meth Cooks can run 4 meth labs at once.

    Private Classes Price Change
    The base price of a private class has been changed to 25 credits.

    Other Adjustments
    -Body Guard and Night Club Owner can now be used by anyone.
    -Removed Adrenaline and Panic buttons.
    -Removed the unused brewing system.
    -Switched back to Civil Protection models.
    -Added back the regular Ghoster weapon. You can pick them up at a Black Market Dealer NPC for $25,000.
    -Raised the Farmer salary to $250 to encourage job use.
    -Hunger below 10% no longer effects your run/walk speed.