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  1. Tim

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    Transport Truck Looting
    I had this idea a week or so ago, and I thought it'd be a great addition. Every hour, a Transport Truck will spawn on the map and follow a path through the city. You will be alerted in chat when the truck shows up. Inside the Transport Truck are cases, and each time a truck enters the city the quantity of cases and items inside are different. Grab the cases off the truck and open them up. You'll find money, drugs, and weapons inside. I've gone ahead and introduced three new weapons with this as well, the MSBS-B assault rifle, an M95 sniper rifle, and a QBS-09 shotgun.



    How's that for something new?

    Offline Tax
    For quite some time, we needed a way to tax some of the money that is obtained in-game. Today, we're starting the Offline Tax. It's pretty simple, every 24 hours a player is inactive, that player will be taxed 0.5% on their bank account. Overtime, this will help bring some of the inactive wealthy bank accounts down and allow new players a chance at ranking up in wealth. The tax dollars currently are placed in a pool. I'm brainstorming ideas on how to redistribute some of that money back out onto the server.

    To avoid the tax is simple, hop on at least once a day and contribute some of your time.

    More Adjustments
    -Enhanced and Ruby CSS weapons were removed. Wasted space.
    -Lumberjacks were removed. Honestly, how many useful items can we craft out of wood in DarkRP?
    -Crafting has been removed until we re-work the whole system.
    -RPG Rockets can be picked up in the Transport Truck.
    -If your hunger is 95 or above, your health will regenerate automatically to 100.
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  2. Tim

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    For those of you who have read the update post already, be sure to read the addition of the Offline Tax.
  3. Creighton Goodwin

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    I actually rather like this update.
  4. Johnny Boo

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    You should come on and play then :)
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  5. Daniel Hershey

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    The truck seems too easy, no? make it like locked and they have to lockpick in or guard NPCs or something
  6. The Myth™

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    The truck moves, lockpick wouldn’t work.
    I think adding a health bar that opens the back when it reaches 0 would be cool.
  7. Johnny Boo

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    We had this in mind for future updates already. Glad to know people would like this.
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