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    Printers Update

    We're making another adjustment to our money printers. There's now three printers, a Rusty Printer, a Premium Printer, and an Overclocked Printer. Rusty printers are for everyone, while Premium's are for VIP+ members. Overclocked Printers are also for everyone, but there's a catch.

    Overclocked Printers have the highest printing rate, but have a global limit. For every 5 players in-game, the maximum Overclocked Printers in supply are 2. So, if there's 30 players online, that means that the global limit of spawned Overclocked Printers would be 12. There is no maximum per player, so all 12 printers can be owned by one person. It's an interesting idea and we're going to see how it goes.

    The printing rates on the new set of printers are lower, so don't cry. Previously, the profits earned from money printers were just silly and caused inflation issues.

    Armored Bank Truck
    The Armored Bank Truck is our newest addition, similar to the Transport Truck, but with a slight difference. The Armored Bank Truck spawns every 30-45 minutes randomly. Above it, you'll see a health bar. Shoot the truck down and cause it to end it's route. Press 'e' on the back of the truck and raid the cases of money. The quantity of cases along with the value stored in them are random.

    In addition to this, there's another piece. As a Civil Protection member, protect the Armored Bank Truck from being raided and receive a bonus when it successfully reaches its destination.


    Public Staff Applications
    I'm going to try a new method for applying for server mod. Instead of submitting an application and waiting for our management team to discuss the application privately, we're going to let the community give their voice on every application. Applications will now be posted in our Mod Applications forum. Follow the thread format to submit your application. All application threads will be open to the community to help discuss the potential of a future moderator.

    Other Adjustments
    -Food Values has been bumped significantly. You won't need to eat 20 apples before reaching a full hunger bar.

    -The price of Weed has been increased to help encourage more job use from the Weed Dealer.

    -Nerfed the damage on the rarer melee weapons.

    -Fixed the grenades sold by Gun Dealers.

    -Added bLogs for admins. Type !blogs to view it.

    -Added admin chat notifications to help admins better manage requests.

    Rule Change
    Has been changed to:
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