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    Enhanced Death System
    I saw this on GModStore and wanted to give it a shot. The enhanced death system adds a bunch of unique features to dying. Now, when a player dies, a corpse will be left behind. Leaving a corpse behind allows Police Officers to figure out how that person died and by who if someone did kill them. Medics are paid every time they clean up a dead corpse on the street. Hobos, Dogs, and Cats can eat dead corpses. Bloods and Crips members are able to pour gas on the dead corpse and making the body disappear.

    The system adds a lot of new features to the gameplay that I wanted to try out. Check it out and let me know what you think.


    Gang Money Rewarded
    The gang money accumulated in December has been rewarded to the top three gangs in the leader board.

    Here's the payouts:
    420 Gang #1: $102,000 per player
    Leviathan Gang #2: $71,655 per player
    THF Gang #3: $13,433 per player

    Here's the top 10 for December 2017:

    Other Adjustments
    -Removed Fireworks
    -Removed Fight Club Owner. It's been buggy, and has gone unused for a while.
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    what the fuck
  3. JibzZ

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    Cool update. Will have to come on and check out the death system. I've never seen that before.
  4. Gore Magala

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    Pretty interesting, seems like it'd be fun for cops to RP as forensic experts now as well. We may need to find a way to disable corpse dropping during events, though.
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    nice update but wheeeen are you gonna upload a real loading photo
    Don't ban me
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    If only there was enough players to make this a true rp experience
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    Really cool update tim
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    I like