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    Yes, I did it. I brought back the experimental hunger system. I played on several jobs last night just to test their potential usage. Both the Farmer and Cook classes are basically useless without some sort of requirement to make people eat. So, we have the experimental Hunger Level again. Once your Hunger Level reaches 10, your run speed will decrease. Once you hit 0 Hunger, you’ll slowly lose health.

    Fruits and vegetables, along with cooked meals provide points to restore your Hunger Level.

    Test it out, let me know if the level moves too fast, and we’ll balance it some more.

    Police Test
    Due to popular request, the Police Test has been re-added. With the test, once players successfully pass the test, they won't ever need to take the test again and can join the Police jobs without waiting on player votes. Before taking the test, please review the server rules. If you fail to pass the test, you must wait 1 hour before being able to take it again.

    Workshop Downloader
    I have gone ahead and added this addon to the server to test out. Basically, instead of downloading all of the content before joining the server, you download the content while playing in-game. Let me know which you prefer, downloading before joining, or hotloading everything while in-game. The idea is that this will attract new members to the server who aren't interested in waiting a lengthy time to join.

    Other Adjustments
    -Raised the printing rate on money printers.
    -Set Traffic Police as a non-VIP job.
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    oh fuck
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    All that's needed for my support. Good stuff
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    10/10 update
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    did the hotloading add on not work?
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    It worked, but instead of downloading it all once and being fine, you'd end up downloading the content every time you joined. You'd end up lagging for the 5 minutes while in-game.
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