Update 10/23/17

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  1. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    This update was pushed through from suggestions over the past few days.


    More Printers!

    Our selection of money printers has updated, now with the addition of 3 more printer options. The Ruby printer now generates double the amount of money as it did before, and a Cyan printer has taken its place with its previous stats. The other two printers were created for users just starting out, making it easier to gain access to owning printers. The max number of money printers has also been raised temporarily to 6 for everyone to check out the new selection.

    Introduction Tutorial
    I have updated the old introduction tutorial system. Now, when players join for the first time, they'll be prompted to view the tutorial of the server. I think I pretty much covered everything. If something is missing, let me know. Now, if players ask questions that can be answered by viewing the tutorial, be sure to politely tell them to type '/tutorial' in chat to view the tutorial on how to play.

    Double or Nothing
    Another casino game was released by the creator of the slot machine addon we're using. It's called Double or Nothing. It's extremely simple. To play, you must pay $500. After that, continue hitting the "Double" button to continue raising your chances to winning the jackpot. Each time you win, you're doubling your money. You must win 10 times in a row to win the jackpot number. You also have the option to cash out along the way.


    Sit Anywhere
    In a recent thread players suggested that we give the "Sit Anywhere" addon a try. This addon allows players to literally sit anywhere. To sit, simply press alt+e. I'm sure we're going to run into problems with this, so this addon is very experimental for the time being. Report any problems you run into with it.

    Gang Territories and Command Centers
    It was suggested to make gang command centers more useful and necessary. Now, if you have your gang command center spawned, territories will now yield a higher profit, x1.5 to be exact. For example, Slums currently generates $1,400. If you have your command center spawned, you'll receive $2,100.

    Marketplace Unupdated
    I have removed the three day item expiration on offers in the Marketplace for the time being. It was a little buggy and I wasn't liking how it was going. We'll make adjustments to this soon.

    Server Admin Applications
    The server admin application has been revised to require the bare minimum for an application. To keep the server afloat, we're in need to fill several server admin positions. Instead of having the management members vote on applications, I'll be reviewing applications and personally contacting the applicant for a brief interview. If the interview goes well, I will promote members to a trial server admin position.
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  2. Biel

    Biel Retired Management VIP

    Nice update.

    This is the same key combination to pickup items into your inventory, wouldn’t it create problems?
  3. Bryce Embery

    Bryce Embery Intermediate

    Printers are phenomenal now.
    Best update we've seen in a while.
    Thanks, Tim!
  4. Zorak Mantis

    Zorak Mantis Master

    i'm convinced to come back now
  5. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    Made a small addition to gang territories and command centers. Having a gang command center spawned while capturing territories now yields a higher profit.

    I also went ahead and removed the marketplace offer expiration system for the time being until we can fix it.
  6. MisterDanny

    MisterDanny Amateur

    yay now more people with sit in there bases all day
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  7. QaFGaming

    QaFGaming BANNED

    Thank me for the printers and the sitanywhere script :)
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  8. QaFGaming

    QaFGaming BANNED

    So does that mean I can be an admin again?
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  9. Biel

    Biel Retired Management VIP

    I was talking about the key combination. If you want to pickup stuff from the ground or whatever, will it cause problems because you gonna sit somewhere + pickup stuff?
  10. Dope

    Dope Simply OG Management

    Quality update man
  11. It's Hammy

    It's Hammy Noob

    So wait, the Ruby Printer is pretty much the old Level 3 Platinum Printer?