Update 11/10/17 - Hoverboards!

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  1. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    I'm happy to announce that our Hoverboard system has been completed.


    A few weeks ago, it was suggested that we bring back cars. We've tried it so many times, and it always fails. I'm not going to bother with it. Instead, I did some searching through the workshop and came across Hoverboards. I went ahead and had that addon tweaked and modified for us to use.

    Hoverboards are purchased from the Hoverboard Dealer NPC located near spawn. The prices are high since Hoverboards are a permanent purchase. Think of Hoverboards as that new grind that players are looking to spend all of their hard earned RP$ on. Hoverboards start at $3 million. As a second option, Hoverboards can be purchased for credits. Credit prices have been set to match the value of RP$. 1 credit = 300k RP$. Several Hoverboards are also set for VIP+ members only as an added bonus of being a VIP member in the community.

    At an additional maintenance cost, Hoverboards require fuel to run. You'll notice a fuel bar in the bottom right hand corner of your HUD when driving a Hoverboard. When it gets low, you can fill it up at any of the Hoverboard fuel pumps located around the map.

    For now, Hoverboards can only be driven by its owner. They cannot be stolen or shared.

    Other Adjustments
    -Weapons should no longer be able to blow doors down now, fixing the disappearing door issue.
    -Increased the rate of finding mahagony while cutting trees.

    Rule Changes
    Government Rule 8: Traffic Police can have up to 2 checkpoints on the map at once, and can weapon check at them, but only people passing through. Only Traffic Police can make checkpoints.
    Removed Government Rule: The Mayor may set his own bail price or disallow bail altogether.

    Let me know what you think!
  2. Rudy

    Rudy Noob

    Awesome update! Can't wait to spend my well-earned cash on some hoverboards.
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  3. Kwoon

    Kwoon Rice Boy Management

    Can't wait to try out the Hoverboards!

    Awesome Update!
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  4. Liltricksterkid

    Liltricksterkid Regular Server Admin

    What was wrong with the bail rule?
  5. Dope

    Dope Simply OG Management

    We added the bail NPC. So even if mayor said "no bail" people could bail someone out. Decided to remove it so there is less clutter.
  6. Levande

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  7. Gore Magala

    Gore Magala Insect Glaive Main VIP

    Damn I need to stop taking midday naps and actually be there when the update drops. New hover boards are sexy man, feels good to have some custom content again.
  8. Mosin_Chan

    Mosin_Chan Regular

    Oh Gosh I don't play this server anymore

    Bring back coke labs
  9. Varg Vikernes

    Varg Vikernes Regular

    sweet fucking avatar pic bro
  10. JibzZ

    JibzZ Retired Management VIP

    Awesome update!
  11. F0DZ

    F0DZ Noob

    I bought a hoverboard today and I can't even spawn it in.

    [Hoverboard Dealer] No valid spawn points!