Update 11/30/17 - Christmas Update

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  1. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    Tomorrow will be the first of December, and we figured tonight would be the best time to re-introduce the holiday Christmas map. If you played last year, you will already be familiar with it. Things may seem a little bare at the moment, but don't worry, the staff team will start to decorate the map with holiday cheer this weekend.

    Christmas Props
    Along with the Christmas map, I've brought back a collection of Christmas themed props in the spawn menu to get creative with.

    I've gone ahead and added a Santa Claus job. Use the job to spread Christmas cheer throughout the server.

    Everyone will now spawn with a snowball weapon. Snowballs deal 1 damage point.
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  2. Pedro

    Pedro Adept VIP

  3. Chris Galoware

    Chris Galoware Amateur

    Perhaps do snowballs to deal 0 damage, will cause a lot of unnecessary reports.
  4. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    We'll try it out. The idea was to do snowball fight events.
  5. Kwoon

    Kwoon Rice Boy Management

    It's the most wonderful time of the year...
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  6. 99killer

    99killer Fresh Spawn

    I need the link to the map
  7. Johnny Boo

    Johnny Boo Black Management

    Tried this out and it was complete ass. You have to be within like 5 feet of each other to hit anything
  8. Very true, while the idea was great.. It did not work as I expected.
  9. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    Does it not download it when you join?
  10. Jeremy

    Jeremy Novice

    Hell Yeah perfect timing because i just got internet back!
  11. QaFGaming

    QaFGaming BANNED

    Christmas map is the best!