Update 11/4/17 - Police Stuff

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    A few new items to enhance the gameplay.


    Traffic Police
    I've noticed that everyone loves doing checkpoints and controlling pedestrian traffic while roleplaying. I thought we could enhance this a bit more by dedicated job with a few useful entities. The Traffic Police job has all of the same weapons as SWAT members, but also come with three new entities to help setup checkpoints and traffic control systems. There's now barriers, barrels, and traffic signs. Users can change the text of the traffic signs to whatever they want. Check them out by going Traffic Police in-game! The job will be for VIP members only, but this weekend I'll leave it open for everyone.

    Bail NPC
    We now have an NPC specifically for automatically paying a players bail and releasing them from jail. You can find the Bail NPC in the lobby of the police department. The cost of bail is $60 per second remaining of the jail timer.

    Improved Stacker Tool
    I went ahead and replaced our old stacker tool with a new, improved tool. Building with it will be much easier now. Check it out!
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    Solid update!

    Can't wait to see more
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    EZ Roleplay Update
  6. Rudy

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    Nice update. Now I don't have to wait in jail for so long anymore.
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  7. QaFGaming

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    Quality update!