Update 12/10/17

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    Police & Gang Territories
    Gang territories that are captured by gangs can now be captured by Police classes. If the Police successfully capture a territory, all players that are in any of the Police classes will be rewarded with a split cut of the territory money. The territory will be set back to unowned.


    Gang Money Reset
    I know, I know, we're 10 days late. We were waiting to fix a small issue with the gang money distribution system. It should be fixed now. The gang money has finally been reset and ready for December.

    Members of the gangs Leviathan, Jimbos, and Lucky Charms will receive a cut of their gang money. The money has been deposited in your bank account.

    Here's the top 10 gangs of November:

    Additional Territories
    Since we were late getting this done, I have created two extra gang territories on the map. Those territories are Pond and Suburbs Extension.

    Other Adjustments
    -The sit keybind has been changed to R+E.
    -Renamed Gang Command Center to Gang Vault.
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    oh shit
  3. JibzZ

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    Sweet update. I like the addition of the gang territorys. Can't wait to see the police classes fill up.
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    Jimbos represent baby
  5. oh its r+e now