Update 12/2/17 - Daily Christmas Presents

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  1. Tim

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    December is here, and it's time to give out some gifts.

    Throughout the month of December, you will be able to receive a gift every 24 hours from our Daily Christmas Present Box. A majority of the gifts will be standard weapons that can be purchased from gun dealers, but there is a chance of receiving some new goodies.

    New Weapons Added:
    -Toy Hammer
    -Gold Toy Hammer
    -Smoke Grenade Rocket
    -Xmas Twin TMP's
    -MG3 XMAS
    -MK23 SOCOM

    List of items that can be received from the gift box:
    -Desert Eagle
    -Glock 18
    -HK USP
    -HK UMP45
    -FN P90
    -Chain Grenade
    -RPG Rockets
    -Xmas Twin TMP's
    -MG3 XMAS
    -Firework Grenade
    -Toy Hammer
    -Gold Toy Hammer
    -Smoke Grenade Rocket
    -MK23 SOCOM
    -SKULL 3(B MODE)

    Christmas Sale
    Throughout the month of December, we've put our shop items on sale. Save even more by purchasing VIP or Donor Admin in 2 or 3 month increments. Inventory space is on sale. RPG's are on sale. Custom models are $15 off at 35 credits. Check it out!

    Day/Night Cycle
    The Christmas map skybox makes it night time all the time. I've installed a day and night system to help with this.
  2. Levande

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    keep up the good work tim!
  3. I love it and the Christmas map, keep up the good work Tim. <3
  4. JibzZ

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    Excited to see the new weapons from the Christmas Box!
  5. Kwoon

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    Can't wait to get on :)
  6. EthanBurns

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    add christmas apparel
  7. Gore Magala

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    Lol SKULL-3 in the box is random as fuck. All the new rares look cool though, looking forward to playing this season :)
  8. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    I love the SKULL-3's.
  9. QaFGaming

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    The Toy hammer is so goofy
  10. I got the skull 3's first present :D
  11. voltiac

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    Get on. Stop beatin off.
  12. Jesus

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    Are you celebrating Christmas or my one year anniversary of quitting?
  13. It's Hammy

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  14. Its an addiction :mad:
  15. Bax Stockman

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