Update 12/23/17

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  1. Tim

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    A few adjustments today.

    Weapon Crafting Changes

    -Added back all of the enhanced and ruby infused weapons to the crafting station.
    -Lowered the rarity tiers of the craftable knives.

    Money Printers
    We raised the printout rate on printers weeks ago for a double RP$ event, and we forgot to set the prices back down. Whoops. Printer rates have been changed.

    There were a few more changes that were planned, but they weren't ready yet. Expect those changes in the next few days.
  2. Better Dylan

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  3. Kwoon

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    Good stuff.
  4. Gore Magala

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    Good steps towards fixing the economy
  5. Economy is still gonna be fucked. As almost everyone has fucking ruby items xD