Update 2/12/18 - Server Reset

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  1. Tim

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    As discussed yesterday, we've made adjustments to the server in hopes of creating a more viable gameplay that we can build on. Essentially, we're down to the basics.


    -Wiped inventories, banks, wallets, gangs, resources, etc.
    -Replaced hitman system with default DarkRP system.
    -Removed low HP effect.
    -Removed Hunger system.
    -Removed cooking.
    -Removed food farming.
    -Removed night club owner.
    -Removed hoverboards.
    -Removed private class system for now.
    -Removed CSO1 weapons.
    -Removed GTAwards.
    -Lowered the price of drug selling.
    -Lowered inventory max item count to 20, it's now 30 for VIP+.
    -Added the RPG to the Black Market Dealer for $3 million RP$. It's still in the shop as well.
    -VIP has been changed to a one-time purchase.
    -Added the pocket weapon to pickup printers and other essential items while raiding.

    Rule Changes
    We've made more adjustments to our rules to be even more relaxed. We're removing most job based restrictions and allowing for a more open roleplay style. All classes can raid with the exception of Government jobs. Our biggest adjustment will be the New Life Rule. We've removed it. Currently, we're experimenting RDM rules. We currently have only one rule against RDM, and that's mass RDM. Just don't be annoying.

    -NLR rules removed.
    -RDM rules lightened up.
    -FailRP rules removed.
    -Keypad crackers enforce 10 second hold length.

    The Big Unban
    All banned players have been unbanned.

    That's all for now. We'll slowly make adjustments throughout the next few days depending on how the gameplay goes.
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  2. EthanBurns

    EthanBurns Hick with a Big Dick VIP

    doesnt that mean all the retards who've gotten strike 4 should get strike 4 removed, and just be at strike 3?
  3. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    Might as well just reset strikes too while we're at it.
  4. Levande

    Levande 猫叉Master VIP

  5. Azure Ghosting

    Azure Ghosting Regular

    wtf tim all my ubers are gone! why did i even try to slip you a 50$
  6. Joey Harley

    Joey Harley Intermediate VIP

    That's quite a change, but since the server's pretty much dead probably a good idea to change things up.
  7. hey thanks for the opportunity ill probably fuck it up but its ok
  8. Fire Mixtape

    Fire Mixtape Amateur

    rip wealth
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  9. Jack Jacksonson

    Jack Jacksonson Explorer Server Admin

    I don't think we should relax the consequences for rdm. You can loosen up the definition of rdm so that less instances fall under that purview, but I don't agree with allowing it altogether with the condition that it isn't "annoying".
  10. Azure Ghosting

    Azure Ghosting Regular

    well they relaxed admin applications for you so let them relax something for us
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  11. i feel like u laughed while writing the joke but it wasnt funny so i mean..... here's an L
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