Update 5/13/17

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  1. Tim

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    Another small update for today.

    We have added the addon GTawards to the server. This addon allows us to reward you for playing on the server. Current rewards will be RP$, but we'll be expanding on this soon with inventory items. Track your playtime and playtime level in the upper right-hand corner, where uTime used to be.


    Now that things are picking back up, we have decided to reintroduce the Marketplace to the F4 menu. If you're unfamiliar with the Marketplace, it's a system that allows players to post buy and sell offers of all items that you can inventory on the server. Items can be sold for credits and RP$.

    Inventory Space
    Now that things are picking up and players are running out of inventory space, we have reintroduced purchasing inventory space in the shop menu. 5 credits for 10 inventory slots, or 20 credits for 50 inventory slots.

    Other Adjustments
    -Drug buying NPC's now sell drugs at a higher price, but will still buy drugs at previous prices. This was done to encourage marketplace usage and player interaction.
    -Removed ugly uTime HUD.
    -Added unarrest baton to the Black Market NPC's.
    -Made a few adjustments to attempt to improve server performance.
    -Removed the four wheelers from the server. There wasn't much use of out them, and most of the time they were used to minge with.

    That's it for today. Report any issues below.
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  2. RaptorGod

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    Nice update.
  3. Nota

    Nota Retired Server Management VIP


    Here a full screenshot to show more of how it currently looks in-game. If you hit f7, you will be able to pull up your position in the rankings.
  4. Dak

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  5. Shark

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    q u a l i t y
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  6. Christina Kiddo

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    Love that the Marketplace is back, hopefully this will help further rejuvenate the economy. Everything else is great too.
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  7. SigmaLord

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    lol just what doctor orderd! fuck the apple!!
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  8. Levande

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    cool. :cool:
  9. EthanBurns

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    good update, pops.
  10. Infinity.exe

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