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    Now that we're picking up players, we felt there was one more element of the previous TDRP gameplay that was missing. Rares. It was a huge part of our server before, and we wanted to bring that back. This time, though, we're doing things a little different.

    Ruby Loot Crate
    Rather than posting individual rares in the /shop menu, we're going to distribute them from a CS:GO influenced weapon crate. We've copied over the Loot Crate and modified it. To open this crate, you'll need to purchase a Ruby Key. You can find Ruby keys in the /shop for 2 credits. Opening this crate allows for huge variety of different weapons. These weapons are very unique, and will add a cool twist to the gameplay. In total, this pack will add roughly 120 new weapons to the server.


    Item Rarity
    With the addition of all of the new weapons we've added today, I've decided to make it easily noticeable when you have a rare item. Items are now colored in the inventory based on how often they can appear in the server. It's currently organized in this color format:
    White - Common
    Green - Less Common
    Light-Green - Time level award only
    Blue - Uncommon
    Purple - Rare
    Orange - Rarer
    Cyan - Very Rare

    Other Adjustments
    -Fixed RP names not displaying properly in the F6 menu and Top 10 list.
    -Bank Vault suitcases are unlocked immediately once removed from the Vault.
    -Printer coolers will now run out even faster with a larger collection of printers.
    -Lowered the chance of receiving an STD from a prostitute.
    -Removed meth addiction saving when you leave the server.
    -Lowered price of the door charge.
    -Moved Accessories Vendor in front of spawn.
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    Maybe 15 seconds? Just to give time for the Police to do something about it!
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    The amount the suitcases give are small amounts. Like 3k-5k ea.
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    RIP my wallet
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    Can't wait for private classes to make their way back!
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    I had the first private class last time boys lets see ;)
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    finally something to spend my money on
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    No you didn't Sam Arai had the first class.
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    Now that we're picking up players, we felt there was one more element of the previous TDRP gameplay that was missing. Private classes
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  13. Tim

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    Colors have been added to marketplace items.
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    Wow kiddo got free advertising on her listing wtf
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    10/10 gayer than elton john