Update 5/7/17

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    This update continues the suggestions that you guys have given us over the past few days. We focused this update on more unique weapons for the wealthy members of the community.

    -Black Market Dealer NPC
    For our future special weapons, we have decided to sell them from an NPC to prevent player scamming. Heavy weapons that are high in price will be sold from this NPC, along with future entities.

    -Added New Door Charges
    We've added in a new door charge swep. Place the door charge on any door and use the handheld detonator to detonate it. This weapon has a one time use, and can be purchased from the Black Market Dealer for $5k.

    -Added Cyro Grenade
    On explosion, this grenade will freeze your victims for five seconds. You can pick this up at the Black Market Dealer NPC for $75k. This has a one time use.

    -Added Mustard Gas
    On explosion, this grenade will release a deadly cloud of mustard gas that will quickly decrease your victims health over 15 seconds. You can pick this grenade up for $150k at the Black Market Dealer NPC. This has a one time use.

    -Lowered the price of seeds for farmers.
    -Lowered the amount of small winnings on the slot machines.
    -Raised the price (again) on food sold to the Food Merchant.
    -Raised the job slots on Locksmith and Drug Dealer.
    -Mayor spawns with an unarrest_stick now.
    -Added Combat Medic job for VIP members.
    -Added lockpick, keypad_cracker, and unarrest_stick as inventory items.
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    We fucking did it reddit. Nice update
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    Rip the bank.
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    You mean rip black market dealer
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    Nah I mean rip your bank
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  8. I prefer ketchup.
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    you just destroyed his family. tf wrong wt u
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    and yet, I have almost a mil?