Update 6/13/17

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  1. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    A quick update for today.

    Custom Player Models
    After much discussion, we have introduced a new opportunity to stand out among the crowd. Private class models were very popular on the old server, and I wanted to bring them back. This time though, player models will be player specific rather than on a class. The price of a custom player model is currently 75 credits. Player models are permanent. Player models must be no larger than 12MB in size, and they must be hosted on the workshop. The first 5 users to purchase player models can pick them up on sale for 50 credits.

    To order a player model, please create a thread in the support forums. Provide your SteamID, and workshop link to the model in the thread. Be sure that you have the credits in your shop to make the purchase.

    Safe Spawn

    I'm testing out a new safe zone system for us this week. The safe zone will be used in the area around spawn. With the safe zone, players cannot receive or deal damage in the area around spawn, or be arrested. This allows players to show off their fancy rares and items without the risk of losing them. As soon as you leave the safe zone, you will no longer be protected. If you re-enter spawn, the safe zone system will not enable until one minute after being inside the safe zone.


    Mugging Weapon

    Thief, Locksmith, and Bloods and Crips members now spawn with a weapon that easily allows them to mug players and follow the rules. Click a player once to initiate a mug, and then click them once again to alert the player you're mugging. It's pretty simple. Press R to change the mugging dollar value.


    -Fixed mushroom spawns.
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  2. Lena Oxton

    Lena Oxton Adept VIP

    YES! thank you tim for the awesome playermodel update!
  3. chase Tonks

    chase Tonks Fresh Spawn

    Neet, But I probably Wont try... Seems cool though
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  4. JibzZ

    JibzZ Retired Management VIP

    Nice update Tim. Glad to see some new changes to the server. Excited for the new safe spawn and how the community reacts to it.

  5. Levande

    Levande 猫叉Master VIP

    Fuck you.
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  6. Prann

    Prann BANNED

    Fuck me
  7. Levande

    Levande 猫叉Master VIP

  8. Is there a staff discount ):
  9. Glad to see new ways to recover from the bad evil chinese man
  10. Steve From Accounting

    Steve From Accounting Toddler with an AK47 VIP

    what if someone runs into spawn? will they get protected or will there be a timer before they start receiving protecting.
  11. Shark

    Shark Prodigy

    Just waiting for the next update to reintroduce weapons to private classes... and $50? fuck that

  12. Steve From Accounting

    Steve From Accounting Toddler with an AK47 VIP

    oh shit i didn't see that
  13. Ken Harrison

    Ken Harrison Regular

    XD, I feel like if I had the money Id get that, military pay is shit
  14. Tim

    Tim Owner Administrator

    Added the mugging swep today. This was supposed to come out yesterday, but we had a few hiccups.
  15. Shadeslayer

    Shadeslayer Experienced VIP

    TBH people who previously owned private classes (Actually owned a class, not a slot), should be given these custom models for free.
  16. Infinity.exe

    Infinity.exe Experienced

    new server, new systems
  17. itsglory

    itsglory Experienced