Update 6/16/17 - 6 Years of TDRP! - Cake Eating Contest

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    This weekend marks our 6th year anniversary for ThatDarkRPServer! I thought about typing out a quick summary of our history, but there's just too much. We've had our ups, becoming the number one ranked Garry's Mod server for nearly a year straight. On the other hand, we've had plenty of downs, especially at the end of 2016 and the beginning of this year. We were at such a low point, we thought it was the end. Recently though, we made a huge turnaround. The community is growing larger each and every day, with no signs of slowing down.

    It's been a long ride, and for the most part, I've enjoyed every bit of it. I look forward to the future of this community and what we can accomplish with this amazing rebound. I wouldn't be typing this if it weren't for all of you, though. Thank you for the commitment you've given this community over the past 6 years.

    Throughout this weekend, expect many in-game events from our staff team.

    Cake Eating Contest Event
    Every 30 minutes in-game, several slices of birthday cake will spawn all over the map. Be sure to find as many as you can and press 'e' on them. There is a spot in the HUD that will keep count for you. The top three members who have eaten the most slices of Cake by 8pm CST Sunday will receive a prize. To view your current ranking score, type /cakescore.

    First Place - A custom player model of their choice.
    Second Place - 25 credits in-game.
    Third Place - 10 credits in-game.

    Birthday Sale
    For this weekend only, I have put a few items in the shop on sale.
    -Ruby Keys are $1 off.
    -Donor Admin is $2 off.
    -Inventory space is $1 off.
    -Uber Ghoster is $1 off.
    -Custom player models will be $75 until Sunday, after this weekend we have decided to raise the price to $100.

    -Added two new gang territory locations. Fountain and Three Houses.
    -We've created a UI for the event system for admins and mods. This should help with managing your events this weekend. Check it out.

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  2. Garry Plum

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    +1 good memes
  3. Ken Harrison

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    Hey tim, love ya
  4. JibzZ

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    +1 love it
  5. Azure Ghosting

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    -1 sad
  6. HammyHobo

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    Does this include Tim's Land or no?
  7. Levande

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    If I win this contest, I'm putting an anime playermodel on the server.
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  8. Azure Ghosting

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    too late weeb
  9. Shark

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    I like the update but one question.....

  10. JibzZ

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    That's something I'd like to see.
  11. Hulk Smash

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    Let's get that esp runnin bois @Nota @Tyrone Lattarius @Lieutenent Dan
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  12. Kwoon

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  13. Bill Jhonson1

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    Wow another very similar event just changing the models. Real cool
  14. Levande

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    It's called,

  15. Sam

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    That's what I like to see babe