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    VIP Rank Resources

    Below, you will find all the information about our in-game VIP package.

    To purchase VIP, write while in-game /shop in your chatbox.

    The price of our VIP package is currently 5 credits per month. (1 credit is equal to $1 USD)


    What does our VIP package give you?

    • Exclusive Jobs​
    • Increased Prop limit​
    • More Inventory Space​
    • More Marketplace Listings​
    • Perk Cooldown Time Decreases​
    • Monthly Rank​

    Exclusive Jobs

    You gain access to 10 exclusive VIP jobs:

    Body Guard
    Protect the person who hired you, spawns with a stun stick and medical kit.

    Combat Medic
    You are a doctor that is attuned to the rigors of combat. You spawn with a medical kit and are able to raid with others.

    Experienced Lumberjack
    You are able to acquire and have a higher chance at getting materials than your regular Lumberjack.

    Experienced Miner
    You are able to acquire and have a higher chance at getting materials than your regular Miner.

    A better equipped version of the thief, that spawns with a lock pick, pickpocket, and keypad cracker.

    Night Club Owner
    Create a nightclub with all sorts of cool lights and effects that automatically play with your music.

    Respected Drug Runner
    They are able to make more money per run than the regular Drug Runner job.

    SWAT Leader
    They lead the SWAT team and spawn with a grappling tool as well as a riot shield.

    These are the members of the SWAT team and are better equipped than your standard police officer spawning with both a grappling tool as well as a riot shield.

    Veteran Hitman
    A more adept hitman which always comes armed with a weapon.


    Increased Prop Limit

    This castle was made by one of many of the extremely talented builders we have here on our server.
    His name is Bae Max.
    The more props you have, the fewer limits on your creativity!

    Your Prop Limit will be increased from 40 to 60 props!

    More Marketplace Listings


    Your Marketplace Listings will be increased from 5 to 10 listings!

    More Inventory Space

    Your Inventory Space will be increased from 30 to 50 slots!

    Ability to Spawn in Ruby Printers

    You will be able to spawn in Ruby Printers which print much more than the standard default printer.

    Perk Cooldown Time Decreases


    Your cooldown on your Panic Button per each use will be decreased from 1 day to 12 hours. You are able to proc your Adrenaline every 10 minutes rather than every 20 minutes while you are on your purchased month of VIP.

    Monthly Rank

    Yes, that's right, your VIP rank will last 1 whole month each time you purchase it.


    Q: When do I receive my VIP?
    A: Immediately after purchase.

    Q: Do I receive any ULX commands with VIP?
    A: No, only Donor Admins receive those commands.

    Q: Am I allowed to raid as a Body Guard?
    A: You're defending the person who hired you, if he's raiding then yes, you are allowed to co-assist with the raid.

    Q: I out of nowhere lost my VIP rank that I had paid for, what am I supposed to do?
    A: Create a thread for this in the Support Center.​
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